It's Just A Kiss

It's just a kiss!

Our eyes met and I knew.

I wanted to be kissing you.

You weren't sure what to think.

But you knew, I would be kissing you!

I approached, you didn't back away.

My eyes begging you to stay.

I told you once "I'm going to kiss you"

Then I step within your space.

I grabbed your hand, and wrapped it around me, for a tight embrace.

In a quick moment my lips were on yours

Soft, tender, sensual.

I hunger for more.

Our lips pressed together our tongues explore

Yes, I do want more.

I feel dizzy.

Am I breathing on my own or borrowing breath from you?

You step away and look at me

Am I the girl you wanted to see?

Only time will tell

Only the future will see

Will there be a you ~ with me?

Or is a kiss just a kiss

And that's all it will ever be?

Closed Heart

There's a door over there no one uses any more.

Some have forgotten it even exists.

The locks were changed.

 Dust moved in.

Not even a strong wind could get you in.

The keeper cries occasionally.

For once she shared the beauty that was within.

Till she learned it must be hidden.

Now, she waits!

No tears to shed, no laughter to hear.

Everything good is gathered ~ in there.

No one knows what she waits for.

Maybe, not even she.

Maybe a day when she might find, courage to open the door, and leave the key behind?

Maybe someone good will see.

All that she was meant to be.

But, till then she guards the door.

Never asking for anything more.

Who is strong enough to see,

The girl who hides behind a golden key?

Keeps me from falling!

I had a dream I was floating down a deep dark hole.

My arms and legs stretched out, 
wind racing through my hair, 
but it felt very peaceful falling in there.

The faces of those who had hurt me began to appear,
 but as I kept falling 
they soon disappeared.

The the faces of those that I love rushed past me and too were gone.

Suddenly, the falling was not peaceful at all.

I wanted out of this never ending hole.

As I looked around I could barely see 
a rope just dangling there for me.
I grabbed a hold and held on tight.

As the rope burned through my hands, I bled.

As I hoped to catch breath, I saw my blood dripping down.
Knots in the rope appeared for me to hold to tight.

I realized to leave the pain, 
meant to leave love too, 
and that is not something I am willing to do.

I began to climb not knowing how far I had fallen.
With every reach up, the pain I felt, gave way to hope.
Not sure how far I would have to climb, but willing to put in the time.

The faces of those that I love to hold, 
have taught me just how strong I can be, 
even when there is pain between them and me.

Whisper to me

Whisper to me a sweet melody
Wrap me within your strong loving arms
Stay close, so not even the sun can sneak between us
Let us sway together within and against the wind
Gently trace the lines on my face
Kiss my lips briefly
Say you will never leave me.

As I open my eyes
I look to the sky
A tear runs down my cheek

I rock on the porch, in our swing built for two,
and wonder why you left?
Our lazy cat gently brushes her tail against my face
The blanket wrapped around me once warmed you too
Your scent fills my senses

I lean back, close my eyes, and pray for you
Come to me
Dance with me
Make me smile again

You are the man of my dreams
I wait for sleep to help me escape
Happiness, is finding you~

The Fire Is Out

The fire is out
The room is cold
There are no windows
No light to see
Just what had become of you and me
I search for embers
There is only ash
No water needed
The fire is out

This room is cold
Too cold to stay
I need a way out
I have to leave ~ today
I can not stand to be here any more
The warmth that was once here
Is now no more

No place to rebuild a fire
No windows to bring in some light
It's an empty room
It's an empty life

I leave the room and close the door
It disappears
Another room ~ lost
Another fire ~ gone
Life is about moving forward
Moving on

Another door will open soon
Another fire ~ in another room
There is no looking back
No bad thoughts to have
Just lost memories
How sad

A light will shine
A fire will burn
Life will bloom
Love ~ will find a way.

It Begins With A Spark

It begins with a spark

Ignites into a flame

It charges through your chest

It fills your lungs

Every breath you take burns within your throat

Your eyes water

Your head spins

Your legs are too heavy to move

You reach out...

Hoping to touch something

Hoping to feel something

Needing to hold anything for support

The tips of your fingers reach out a little farther

It's difficult to see through the fog

And then...

Something is there

Something to give you hope that not all is lost

There it is, almost out of reach, but still there

With one last belief in your own heart, you take that leap of faith

And hold onto the one thing you believe can save you.

You leap forward~



Just a glimpse

The memories of you dance within my mind.

Happier days, happier times.

A quick glance, a playful smile.

Hoping you would stay awhile.

How sad to know it wasn't true.

How sad to find I was nothing to you.

I am not angry

I am not mad

I'm just here thinking

How sad

A dream with so much promise

Has dwindled down to this

Just a glimpse of what was

Now fading in the mist

Chasing Your Dream

Can you hear me?
I am the whisper in the wind.

Can you see me?
I move with the leaves as they stumble across the ground.

Can you feel me?
I am the beat within your heart.

Can you sense me?
I am the prickling down your spine.

Can you reach for me?
I am the image in the corner of your eye.

I am all around you.

I am always with you.

You have to believe anything is possible...

And then you will find me!

When Good-Bye is Forever

There are no more Hello's

You left me here with no place to go

I trusted you would stay forever

I believed when you said "never"

I trace the letters on your grave stone and wonder if the words are true

For how can I believe anything anymore

When I once so badly believed in you.

Yesterday I held you tight, wrapped safe within my arms.

Today, I will never have the chance to feel safe with you this night.

Tomorrow I will walk this life alone and wonder how it is,

Only a picture to remember the way you smiled at me.

Only memories left to fade and then where will I be?

Did you consider any of this ~ before you chose to leave?

Let Us Pretend

Let us pretend we were once in love.

Our eyes could never see another, we were entrenched in each other.

Let us pretend that it was real.

No one else would shatter this dream

happiness was everything~ It seemed.

Let us pretend it last forever.

You didn't ask to never share with me again.

We only saw happiness till the end.

But, today it ends.

Happiness was not here at all.

Thoughts of others whispered from the walls.

Our hearts were not in this.

So, why should we pretend?

There must be something better than to live this lie?

Even if it is to walk forever alone.

I would rather that~ then believe,

Pretending is ever better

Than what true love can bring!