When Good-Bye is Forever

There are no more Hello's

You left me here with no place to go

I trusted you would stay forever

I believed when you said "never"

I trace the letters on your grave stone and wonder if the words are true

For how can I believe anything anymore

When I once so badly believed in you.

Yesterday I held you tight, wrapped safe within my arms.

Today, I will never have the chance to feel safe with you this night.

Tomorrow I will walk this life alone and wonder how it is,

Only a picture to remember the way you smiled at me.

Only memories left to fade and then where will I be?

Did you consider any of this ~ before you chose to leave?

1 comment:

Cynthia Schuerr said...

This is beautiful, Lori! The concept of death is never easy and may take a lifetime to get over.
The last line,
"Did you consider any of this ~ before you chose to leave?" speaks to how personally we take it when someone leaves us, even through death.