When Good-Bye is Forever

There are no more Hello's

You left me here with no place to go

I trusted you would stay forever

I believed when you said "never"

I trace the letters on your grave stone and wonder if the words are true

For how can I believe anything anymore

When I once so badly believed in you.

Yesterday I held you tight, wrapped safe within my arms.

Today, I will never have the chance to feel safe with you this night.

Tomorrow I will walk this life alone and wonder how it is,

Only a picture to remember the way you smiled at me.

Only memories left to fade and then where will I be?

Did you consider any of this ~ before you chose to leave?

Let Us Pretend

Let us pretend we were once in love.

Our eyes could never see another, we were entrenched in each other.

Let us pretend that it was real.

No one else would shatter this dream

happiness was everything~ It seemed.

Let us pretend it last forever.

You didn't ask to never share with me again.

We only saw happiness till the end.

But, today it ends.

Happiness was not here at all.

Thoughts of others whispered from the walls.

Our hearts were not in this.

So, why should we pretend?

There must be something better than to live this lie?

Even if it is to walk forever alone.

I would rather that~ then believe,

Pretending is ever better

Than what true love can bring!