It Begins With A Spark

It begins with a spark

Ignites into a flame

It charges through your chest

It fills your lungs

Every breath you take burns within your throat

Your eyes water

Your head spins

Your legs are too heavy to move

You reach out...

Hoping to touch something

Hoping to feel something

Needing to hold anything for support

The tips of your fingers reach out a little farther

It's difficult to see through the fog

And then...

Something is there

Something to give you hope that not all is lost

There it is, almost out of reach, but still there

With one last belief in your own heart, you take that leap of faith

And hold onto the one thing you believe can save you.

You leap forward~



Just a glimpse

The memories of you dance within my mind.

Happier days, happier times.

A quick glance, a playful smile.

Hoping you would stay awhile.

How sad to know it wasn't true.

How sad to find I was nothing to you.

I am not angry

I am not mad

I'm just here thinking

How sad

A dream with so much promise

Has dwindled down to this

Just a glimpse of what was

Now fading in the mist

Chasing Your Dream

Can you hear me?
I am the whisper in the wind.

Can you see me?
I move with the leaves as they stumble across the ground.

Can you feel me?
I am the beat within your heart.

Can you sense me?
I am the prickling down your spine.

Can you reach for me?
I am the image in the corner of your eye.

I am all around you.

I am always with you.

You have to believe anything is possible...

And then you will find me!