It will find you

It's not what you might think
It's better than it ever thought it would be
Right when you believe it's not there
It sneaks in and takes over
Right when you think no more
It's there for you
It waits to see what you will do

It has it's own schedule
It has it's own needs
It has it's own wants
and it wants to be seen

When it's there, will you know it?
When it shines, will you show it?
When it decides to be
Will you allow it to be free?

It doesn't want just a piece of you
It doesn't want just your thoughts
It wants what it wants
And you wont be able to say "stop"

It will move your heart
It will sing to your soul
It has your lips under it's control
It will make you crave it more and more

The more you fight it
The less you'll know
If it feels right, don't let it go
If it wants you, you'll want it more
Take a chance
Open the door
Let love in
It wants you to feel more.