I know you see me
I see you watching me
I know you hear me
I've seen that look upon your face

You tell me sweet things
You hold my hand
You kiss my face

But, your thoughts are not with me
I can feel the distance between us
I see you smile 
But have to wonder 
was it thoughts of me
That put that smile on your lips?

Am I enough for you?
What does that mean?
If I have to explain,
Is that bad news for me?

Do you know me?
Do you wonder about me?
Will you think to ask me "what are you thinking?"
If I am all things for you
Shouldn't you know me
As well as I know you?

I see you sad
I don't like to see you this way
Makes me wonder
Should I stay?

Other names and memories dance from your walls
Faces I try not to see
Float too close to your memories.

I know you see me
I see you watching me
But, now I look behind me
and wonder who was there
Your eyes see through me
Your thoughts were not of me

That smile I've seen
Isn't for me at all
It was for the ones who are no longer here
Too many memories in the way
Too many things you forgot to say

You can't see me standing here
If your thoughts are way back there
You can't see who I am
If what you want
Floated away with the wind

Too many days now I've watched you try and see
What had become of you and she
Too many times I have wondered
Why wont you see me?