Look Within

I am not who you think I am
I am not where you last saw me
I don't stay where you leave me
I move with you
But, you don't control me

I see what you are feeling
I feel what you are thinking
If you close your eyes
You too might hear what I am hearing

There is a place you hide
There is a place I hide to watch you
You don't know to look for me
You don't care to hear me
You want me when you need me
But, you don't want to want me

We float together you and I
But, only I know where you are
You want me to leave you
But, I am always with you

Until you accept me
You will always wonder where I am
I am that strength within your heart
I am that power to believe in everything
I am those moments that take your breath away
I am the you~you wish you could be

If only you could see
Those things you are afraid to see
Strength comes from letting yourself be free!

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