Don't lose heart

What is it you need to see me?
What is it I have that makes you need me?
You can hide, but you will always be found.
You can run, you can walk away; you can close your eyes.
But, when you stop running
You will hear me

You will feel everything you tried to run from.
You will want what you think you can hide from
You will ask "why" when you believe no one will hear you.
But, I will.

There are days when I will walk with you in silence
Then there will be days I will make myself known.
Of course it hurts
That's how you know we are one
That's how you know you are truly alive.

There can be no joy without sadness
There can be no happiness without pain
You appreciate...
When you know the cost of losing
You hunger...
When you feel that beat within you grow faster.

We are one you and I
You feel, because I exist.
You challenge, because I am strong.
You laugh when I breathe
You cry when I burn

Somedays, I know you hate me
Most days you are glad I am here
Don't ever say you are better with out me
One day all will become clear.
I am stronger because of you
You call me...heart.