Forever fleeting

I know you~
I've glimpsed you hiding behind the walls 
that surround my heart.
I've waited for you 
I've waited to see
If you are the one~ 
who will see me.

One brick at a time 
I've watched your hands
Take apart these walls.
Still, you remain within the shadows.
I've felt you watching me
but when I glance your way
You vanish with the breeze

You're here again
and still I can't touch you
You stay just outside my reach
Your presence warms me
but in turning to see you
I am blinded by the sun

I feel safe having you near
I enjoy the thoughts I have of you
I playfully whisper to you
No answer in return.
Why do you hide from me?

 Will you need me~ 
like I feel I need you?

I walk in the direction of your prints
 left in the sand

They never end
I don't understand?

I want to know you~
 Do you know me?