I thought I knew you

I looked for you today
Of course you weren't to be seen
I remembered what is what like
To hold you in my dreams.

I wanted to tell you something 
I had hope to say to you one day
Now it seems rather silly
In a wrong moment ~ different day ~ kinda way

If I had known yesterday
What I have learned today
Would tomorrow look different to me
In any sort of way?

I would like to think it might have
I would like to say "Yes"
But, these are the things I discuss
Only with myself

I thought I remembered what you smelled like.
Silly, I know.
But to remember what  the scent of you brings...
Is probably a thought I shouldn't have.

To have a moment with you
I would try to steal two
And then where would we be?
Would we begin a new?
Or start where we left off?
Too many thoughts?
Too many thoughts not thought.

If I could re-arrange
Or change what once was
I would hope to remember what now is.
So that I might undo
What had been done.
To the man I once knew.
No worries
It confuses me too