Conquering Fears

The other night I had the strangest dream.
I stood on a road and directly in front of me
Two doors, exactly the same, but the driveway
To get to either one 
Very different.

To the white door on my right
The driveway had stairs and a hand rail
The path was smooth
The door was bright
Everything looked so easy
I felt the invite.

The white door on my left
Was much further back
There were no stairs
There was no railing
The path was filled with rocks,
There were thorns everywhere
This door sorta scared me.

But, deep inside I knew
It was the driveway to my left I needed to travel.
Though I didn't know what was behind the doors
I knew I needed
To take the difficult road.

Whatever was behind 
either door 
wouldn't mean anything to me
If the journey wasn't 
A challenge.

Within the dream
The door 
must have represented the end.
And the walk
My Life!

I chose. 
I have no regrets
All the pain, blood, sweat,
Means a life
of conquering 
My fears!