Behind closed walls

What is this that always comes between us?

I reached for you 
You pulled away
Can't tell you how that felt 
To watch you walk away.

Yesterday was wonderful
Today you run away
Tomorrow, I pray for you to stay.

We dance around wanting
We crave never enough
We hope for better
Is there ever room for just us?

lost within a secret
living in the shadow of what could be.
Looking for some one to hear
 My silent screams.

 Confused in a sea of emotion
Tangled in a web of lies
Hoping to find some truth
Behind blank eyes.

I hide behind walls I've taken years to build
Why should I take them down?
You are curious about the other side,
But not curious enough to climb?
You ask me to trust and believe
When I do, will you too leave?

Why take the chance?
Why fight at all
Nothing hurts behind these walls.
Accept the thought that I am alone
But I can forget I thought that thought at all.

Be curious all you want
It is the true 
Who might get past these walls.
For I am the keeper of heartache and pain
What you think you see
Might not be at all
So, only the brave 
Should try to battle these walls.

Are there any brave ones amongst you?