I've lost you.

You can not keep a most precious gift locked away
You don't get to decide when to let it out to play
You don't get to say when it's safe to be seen
You do not get to say
"I love you"
Then turn and leave.

You don't get to be 

It was once what I saw in you
It was there only awhile
It was the best part of you,
Once you saw what it was
You hid it away
Made me beg and beg to 
have it stay.

In that you found power
In there you found some strength
With that you brought confusion.

 for me...
there was laughter 
 ~my pain.

You didn't want my fairy tale
You never wanted the 
forever after.

Hearts should not be played.
Kisses shouldn't carry poison
Smiles shouldn't mask lies
Fingers while touching
shouldn't leave scars.

Somethings can't be reached
Somethings shouldn't be seen
I should have known...
 to see, 
Potential in you

~Was only my dream.