What does love look like?
What sounds does it make?
Is it really love
just because the heart aches?

If I disappeared
would you look for me?
If I was gone
what would you do to 
find me?

It has been said 
"If you love someone
set them free."
It's the waiting
that makes me no longer

I climbed a mountain
just to find you.
I grew wings so I could fly.
I challenged the troll, so I might cross
the bridge that lies between 
What once was
What is now lost.

I looked to the skies for answers
I stood in front of despair and
asked for hope.

It was then that I knew...

The pain struck like a bullet
Tore through broken flesh
Blood flowed like a river
Tears stopped with breath
Nothing left to imagine
Love is gone...
There's only death.