Forget comfort zone

You know that place between fear and understanding?

That place where you know you can do it
You feel you have to do it
You ask God to help you through it

You smile at the thought
and then your heart jumps
You are excited
You are terrified
You can't wait
You have to wait

That place where fear isn't the scariest feeling
Not trying scares you more.

There is nothing holding you back
No one saying you shouldn't
No one believing you couldn't 
Even you know it's possible

So, Here we go
Moving forward
Pushing past the fear
Making it happen
Stepping out of the comfort zone
Finding freedom
Finding new beginnings.
Opening your eyes and heart to 

Don't forget to breathe!


You don't know me
Nor what I have the power to do
You don't know my... 
So you don't get to judge me.

I waste no energy on judging you
You are what you want to be
You do what you want to do
You believe what you believe
But do you believe in you?

I believe in the things 
I know I can do
I know I can do anything.

I feel fear
I know pain
I've seen doors close
 and then open again.
I've seen windows shatter
I've seen hearts break.
I've watched broken hearts heal, again.

I've watched others stop
before they reached their beginning
There they found their end.

I am ever changing
I am always... 
I choose to be better tomorrow
Than I am today.

I fall
but I stand again.
I hurt
but I heal.
I've lost
but I'll find. 
I'll live...

At my end
I will say
I truly lived!