Do you wanna?

What are you thinking?

Can you read my thoughts
Can you tell what I want from you?
Do you feel how much I want you?
I've undressed you with my eyes
and I like what I see.

Now baby, 

I wanna feel how you kiss.
The touch of your lips pressed against mine
Don't close your eyes
I've got to see
How badly you 
Want to be kissing me.

I wanna know how it tastes to touch your tongue to mine.
Part your lips and allow me to find.
That piece of you I want with mine.
Enter curious
Not reckless
Don't intrude
God, you feel good.

I wanna know how you touch
Where will you reach for to begin?
Will you take your time?
Will your lips leave mine?

I wanna know how you love
Can you have me wanting more?
Can you get me to the top
Begging you not to stop?

I wanna know~ 
You going to come to me?
Take me 
I wanna feel how you kiss.