Be heard

Let us sit and enjoy the silence
Hear the water rushing by us
to give the river
all the pain inside us
Yes, lets enjoy the silence.

Watching the leaves as they fall to the ground
Then carried away by the sound
of the wind racing
from tree to tree
If only the wind could carry me.

Hearing the birds as they squawk to 
one another
Then something that sounds
like laughter ~
makes me shudder.
To fly through the sky
To have wings
Then I could do anything.

Lets just sit and enjoy the silence
no cars rushing by us
no phones squeaking at us
time could just be still
I could tell you how I feel.

You have to go...?
Too many calls
Too many to dos 
I am just one of too many
things you must do.

Then I'll just sit here and hear the silence.