Washed away

It sped down hill with the melting of the winter snow.
I watched it wash away down a drain 
within the rain

I tried to catch it before it hit the river
Missed it by only a minute
and watched it dive deeper.

Could only assume it was headed to the ocean.
Once there it would crash against 
the sand and be pulled back in again.

It was gone,

It was to have been left in the mountains
high upon the hill
But I had prayed to 
bend its will.

It almost did~
Until it began its journey
away from me
Building up speed as it sped away

Nothing I could do or say
Would make the ground obey.
It churned and rolled
It gathered and released
It never did stop to find peace.

Once the melting began
everything slipped through my hand.
Not even the sight of me 
crawling on my knees~
prevented the pull away from me.

My tears only supplied to the rushing
chasing to find~
Something bigger, better.
Than the beauty on the mountain
it left behind.