Don't wait...Do!

I'd leave a light on,
for you~
Well, that is 
if I knew~
 you would want me to.

I'd wait, 
for you~
I'd count the days 
I'd pass the hours
I'd watch the seconds
tick by...
If somehow I knew~
you would want me to.

I'd stay awake,
for you~
I'd walk a mile
or two~
If I knew
you would be there~
to hold on to.

What a crazy thing to do,
for you~

If the light is on
and time in on my side
I'll not wait,
for you~

I've got so much living to do,
 places to see
 bodies to hold
voices to hear
and eyes to see.

I'll not wait 
for anyone~
Other than me!