Last Goodbye

I see you in my dreams
It's the only place I see you now
I wanted to call out to you
But, in dreams
That's not always easy to do.

It wasn't easy~
When you were here.
I was too busy stepping on egg shells
waiting to see
if today was the day
You could love me.

In my dream you did~
You smiled when you were near
You reached out to hold me
You kissed me tenderly.
You said you had loved me.
I had never stopped ~ loving you.

Do we cry when we dream?
If we do~
That's where the river came from
That took me further from you.

A boat appeared
and I knew~
This was the dream
where I release you.

As I sailed away
I burned for the chance 
to hear my name
pass from your lips
one last time.
But, the dream 
wouldn't allow it.

I floated away
and watched you play
with others who surround you.
Knowing it would never be me
You could see
~to love

Once I've awoken from this dream.

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