Dark spaces

Excuses drip from the walls thick as molasses
Lies cover the floor waiting to be believed
Shadows dance around the light 
that has snuck in through
broken windows.

Dust covers the frames that once held smiling faces
An echo of a child's laugh
floats through the air.

If not for the echo
There would be no sound 

The spiders and flies 
took their dance elsewhere
Even this place is to dark 
for them.

No soul left to fill the void
No whisper of any tenant 
at all.

This place they call Misery~
No one should want to be.

It tries to hold on to others 
It tries to belong
Misery loves company
"They say"
But no company would take Misery on!


More days pass now between 
sightings of you.

I am careful to hope from a distance
I am quiet as to not upset you.
I walk through the halls 
~no longer running
I have nothing left to run to.

The man who took my heart
no longer praises its beauty.
The man who worshiped 
my beauty no longer 
cares to see.

He searches for something bigger
Something he can no longer receive
~just by loving me.

His eyes have gone dark
No longer bright with possibilities.
His hands are now stiff
No longer able to touch
~The power he seeks.

I thought I saw a glimpse of the man 
he once was.
I almost missed the moment
His eyes softened towards me.
I was careful not to assume
Which had always gotten the better of me.

Now, I let the moment pass
I try to hold on to what once was
~The tenderness of his touch.

Though it's no longer possible
For him to believe.
I can't find myself to open the door
The door that would allow me to breathe.
For if that door opens in front 
Then the one behind me must close.
What if he finally sees
The thing he wanted the most...
Wasn't about money or fame
But about the woman
Who once cherished his name?

Power within you

Some days are longer than others
Some tears fall faster 
Some words won't be spoken
Some hearts will be broken.

Accidents happen
Reality can be cruel
Moments escape us
Time we wish we had back,

Believe in tomorrow
No matter the pain of today.
Strength is within you.

Do not fear the darkness in front of you,
It is your road to lighten. 
The path behind you 
didn't break you.
The path you walk now...
Let it empower you!

Better alone

I'm going to make you love me!

I'm going to show you why!

I'm going to tell you everything
on why I can make you mine.

I know I could make you happy
I know I could keep you smiling
I know I could love you better 
than the last one who tried.

I don't ask for much
I don't need a lot
I can have fun with the lights on
or in the dark. ;)

Wait a minute
Here's a thought
Maybe it isn't me that's lost?

I can take care of me.
I can make me laugh.
I'm smoking hot in just about anything.
I live pretty well independently.
I wanted you, but I don't need to have you.

 What could have been we will never know
You couldn't see 
The awesome person
That is ME!!