I am Lovable

I am Lovable
I live within a darkened room
deep below a well guarded castle. 
Outside my door stands Vulnerable.

Vulnerable carries a long sharp sword
he has named it pain.
Pain is the key~to everything.
No one has yet been able to get close to me
if they try
Pain is who they will meet.

Beyond the room where Vulnerable resides 
 a spiral staircase is seen
We call it Love.
Miles and miles in length she is
and at the top
outside her door
~Lies resides.

Lies covers the floor
ready to grab anyone untrue
Anyone who has managed to get past the gate
The gate we call Trust.

Trust isn't easy to get past.
Trust is strong, runs deep and holds true.
Trust stands behind desire.
Knowing Desire needs to be watched.

Desire is our drawbridge
she keeps all of us held tight within these walls
determined to keep us safe.
Trying to keep others out.
Desire has weaknesses she knows about.

Passion is the moat that circles these walls
Passion runs hot and cold and is the only one
able to sway Desire at all.

If passion is able to get Desire to open up
Trust is always on alert.
Lies will tell tales
Love will twist and turn
Vulnerable will tighten around Pain
and I will remain behind this locked door.

I am lovable~
waiting to see when
I will be able to get close 
to Love again.

Last Goodbye

I see you in my dreams
It's the only place I see you now
I wanted to call out to you
But, in dreams
That's not always easy to do.

It wasn't easy~
When you were here.
I was too busy stepping on egg shells
waiting to see
if today was the day
You could love me.

In my dream you did~
You smiled when you were near
You reached out to hold me
You kissed me tenderly.
You said you had loved me.
I had never stopped ~ loving you.

Do we cry when we dream?
If we do~
That's where the river came from
That took me further from you.

A boat appeared
and I knew~
This was the dream
where I release you.

As I sailed away
I burned for the chance 
to hear my name
pass from your lips
one last time.
But, the dream 
wouldn't allow it.

I floated away
and watched you play
with others who surround you.
Knowing it would never be me
You could see
~to love

Once I've awoken from this dream.

It's yours to make

"Stay strong"
Easy to say
Difficult to do
When everyone
Would rather you not.

Don't fight to be better than me
Fight to set your dreams free
We are all trying
to believe

Something amazing is waiting to be seen.

Listen to the emotions of your heart
Hear the words it's trying to say.
There's a time and place for logic 
to get in the way.
~Don't allow it everyday.

Bask in the beauty
You create.

Let go of hate.
Life is what you make.
Make it worth writing about!
Make it a life~
The history books will envy.

Taken too soon

Park bench built for two
How odd
I sit and wait for you.

I know you won't come
You never do
But, I'll sit and wait
and hope
today is the day you do.

Sounds silly when I say it out loud
"Just once I'd like to not see your face in a crowd."
I can envision you anywhere
I can envision you with anyone.
It's seeing you with me ~
That's the key!

I hear your laughter and I have to look
Sadly, it wasn't you.
I smell your cologne and I try to follow the scent
It leads me somewhere I've never been.

I read a sign that reminds me of you
Crazy, everything brings me to you ~
but you.

Did you have to go?
I've wished you back a million times
Then I read the note 
I've held onto so long ~

"Taken too soon but never forgotten"

That's still as far as I've gotten.