Finding strength

Jesus, may I please come home?
I want to be near you and feel your loving touch
No one here has loved me that much

Jesus, I've tried to have them hear
I asked them to stay near
They didn't believe what I had to say
They closed their hearts
They said it wasn't true
"No man of God would do such a thing to you"

The tears that fell that day
Burned Deeper
than any I've cried ~ to this day.

I went to your house
 asked to be free
They said, "pray"
They said God would save me, 

Jesus, can that day be today?

I'm just one child
I'm only one voice
You said I had a choice
I choose to come home
I choose to leave this place

How can you say "Stay"?
Why do you tell me
"You are stronger than you know"
Show me what I am to do
Let me see
What is it you believe 
is so special
about me?

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