Stay...You are stronger than you know

I wanted to die that day
I wanted the pain I was feeling
to go away

No one heard me 
when I would say
"I don't like him
keep him away"

To them I was just a child
what did a child know, anyway?

I knew I felt dirty
I knew I felt fear
I knew I couldn't stand
to have him near.

Every piece of me
was disappearing.

 I retreated into my own space
I lived within my own confines
~trying to decide
how to leave this pain behind

Sleep was my way of escape
oh how wonderful would it be
if I could sleep for eternity?

I swallowed the pills
and I laid down to sleep
waiting for peace to comfort me

There was this light
and a little girl

She looked like me when I still smiled
She took my hand
we walked for awhile
 "You must stay." she said

There is a reason I'm still here
though it isn't always quite clear.
But these are the words I continue to hear
and will continue to show...
"You are stronger than you know"

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