When you look at me 
What is the first thing you see?
I'm a white woman!

But, what else is there to me...?

I''m of average height
I'm neither over weight nor
too skinny.

I am comfortable in my skin
happy with my body
I think too much
I dream of possibilities
I have failed
But I didn't give up
I have fallen
found my way back up.

I laugh now
as often as I can
I smile
just because

 There is still more to me
That you can not see...

I was abused as a child
You wouldn't know that 
I attempted suicide 
Something else you can't see 
~just by looking at me

I loved a man deeply
Thought he would protect me
be my everything;

You can't see the pain
that followed when
our future together
didn't last

I fight depression
a lot.
Society says I should be ashamed 
to ask for help when the pain gets too much.
Some days I'm ashamed to admit I need help
I want my children to see 
strength in me.

I have amazing children!
 I wouldn't have
them if I hadn't fought through the pain

 I'm complicated
I'm funny
I'm grateful to still be alive

These are things you wouldn't see
unless you look deeper into me
and not assume~ 
All that I am 
is just a white woman.

~we can not all be the boring would life be if we were?
~lets keep our hearts open
~All life matters
Lets not judge each other but celebrate each other for the path we have walked and survived!
Who are you?