Who holds the key?

I've been behind these walls so long
I've forgotten where I've placed the key.
The handle rumbled once or twice
but no one curious enough to see
has ever opened the door,
took a look inside,
and found me.

Who holds the key
to open this door
and find me?


There was that time

you kissed me.

That day you held my hand.

When you wrapped your arms around me.

Kept me from falling down.

Your gaze glued to mine.

Your smile so tempting

Those lips waiting

You pulled me closer 
a pounding chest.

Your hands slide down my hips.

Our fingers entwined

then your lips on mine.

So much learned from a kiss.

Chasing your dream

Leap or stay


If I could write my love song

would I?

To know the steps, love would take, before I took them...

would I want to know?

If I saw the highs and then the lows

would I move toward them?

Or, would they cripple me

in staying

right where I began?

Who wants to know if love 

fails or succeeds 

before they take the leap?

Would never then leap.