Closed Heart

There's a door over there no one uses any more.

Some have forgotten it even exists.

The locks were changed.

 Dust moved in.

Not even a strong wind could get you in.

The keeper cries occasionally.

For once she shared the beauty that was within.

Till she learned it must be hidden.

Now, she waits!

No tears to shed, no laughter to hear.

Everything good is gathered ~ in there.

No one knows what she waits for.

Maybe, not even she.

Maybe a day when she might find, courage to open the door, and leave the key behind?

Maybe someone good will see.

All that she was meant to be.

But, till then she guards the door.

Never asking for anything more.

Who is strong enough to see,

The girl who hides behind a golden key?

Keeps me from falling!

I had a dream I was floating down a deep dark hole.

My arms and legs stretched out, 
wind racing through my hair, 
but it felt very peaceful falling in there.

The faces of those who had hurt me began to appear,
 but as I kept falling 
they soon disappeared.

The the faces of those that I love rushed past me and too were gone.

Suddenly, the falling was not peaceful at all.

I wanted out of this never ending hole.

As I looked around I could barely see 
a rope just dangling there for me.
I grabbed a hold and held on tight.

As the rope burned through my hands, I bled.

As I hoped to catch breath, I saw my blood dripping down.
Knots in the rope appeared for me to hold to tight.

I realized to leave the pain, 
meant to leave love too, 
and that is not something I am willing to do.

I began to climb not knowing how far I had fallen.
With every reach up, the pain I felt, gave way to hope.
Not sure how far I would have to climb, but willing to put in the time.

The faces of those that I love to hold, 
have taught me just how strong I can be, 
even when there is pain between them and me.