Enriching our lives

Let us not take for granted the smile of a small child.  
The beauty of their hearts as they walk through the world with joy, innocence, and above all their own sense of style.

We may never know when these smiles are taken from us.  
When we will no longer be able to share the view of the world through their eyes.

The little children are here to enrich our lives, and add to our future.
Let us help them to spread their wings, let us help them to fly.

Let us give them the ability to see the world for what it has to offer them. 
For as long as they are here to believe in it, to feel it, and to see it.
The world is theirs for the taking.

If we are able to give them all of this every day they are here with us.

Maybe then, the day they float off this earth and fly in the clouds with the angels.
We will know we did all we could to watch them smile.

We did all we could to enrich their lives.
We touched their hearts as much as they filled ours.

In our tears and sorrow we can feel complete.
For in our loss here on earth, we know they are soaring.

They are spreading their wings; they are dancing above us, they are playing amongst the stars.

They are smiling down on us, they are inspiring our lives, and they are touching our hearts.

Let us not take for granted the smile of a small child.
For someday, we may need the smile from a child, to carry us through the loss of our own small child.
From Poetry book:  Looking to be seen


It's the waiting
The wanting
The needing
The hoping
That bring my thoughts to you.

It's the laughter
The crying
The smiles
The sighing
That has me wishing I was next to you.

It's your arms wrapped around me
Your kisses on my neck
Your fingers gently tracing
Your whispers in my ear
That have me waiting here.

It's the way you look at me
The way I feel when you are near
It's the thought of you holding me
It's the way you hold me
The thoughts I see behind your eyes
That have me hoping to be...

The one
The only
~The girl of your dreams.

Hope for tomorrow

Her heart waits
Her soul cries
Her tears fall
Her love has died
She sits alone
She sits in the dark
Hoping to see...loves lost spark
It's not knowing
Never seeing
no more touches
that brings this pain
"Make me hate you"
she shouts to the walls
Anything is better, than nothing at all.
She hoped this love would always be
She wanted his eyes to always see
His ears to hear
His heart to beat
Because, she was what he needed her to be
The darkness holds her within its embrace
Covers try to warm her
Pillows catch her tears
She sleeps
Tomorrow this will make sense
Tomorrow there will be...
A he to love this she
Because, she is all
 She needs herself to be.