Seriously speaking
is there any real meaning to 
the words I love you.?

For those watching, waiting, feeling
emptiness has sprung forth from the night
yet during the light of day a flower blooms.

They say there is someone for everyone
howbeit for one to never reach their brink to
never find their hearts desire...
for what is love if more than a feeling?
a courtesy in believing?
an avoiding of the loneliness
that taunts one through the night?

When the capacity does arrive
to unleash said web of lies
would one hold well
again'st the tow of the cheater?

Ah, the bliss of unfamiliar 
pleasured stares from eye to eye
feeling nothing yet seeing something
greed in the encounter?
lust from the divide?

For some the dance is well received
others wait to be chosen
but one reveries for a muse
then concludes their heart 
will never be stolen.

Mama, Do you love me?

Mama, Do you love me?
I've searched and searched and tried to find
A moment between us back in time
When I thought you loved me

Mama, Do you love me?
I remember when you said
You never wanted to be here again...
But here is where ~ I am.
Mama, Don't you love me?

I've done what you've asked of me
I've smiled when I wanted to cry
I've lived when I wanted to die
Mama, Don't you love me?

I've held onto hope that one day you could see
I'm not the child you believed me to be...
Mama, love me?

The doctors say you're dying.
Too many words left to say
None spoken over the years since  
You moved away.

You once told me I'm a lot like you 
and it's why we don't see eye to eye
Mama, I have a baby girl
who too is a lot like me
and when I look into her eyes
Pain is not something I wish to see
~Especially from me.
Mama, Why can't you love me?

Chasing your dream

Feel you wrapped within

I wouldn't want to be your coffee 
for fear I'd burn your lips
I wouldn't want to be the book you read
though you do gently stroke the pages
with your finger tips

I would want to be your sheets
if I had one wish...

I want to be the one who you take off all your clothes for
watch you crawl within me
excited, soft and exposed
feel you rolling around and take me 
within your tight grasp
feel you tangle up with me
see your smile so relaxed

I want to be the one who you tell all your friends
"I can not go out
I'm all wrapped up in"

to see you so peaceful
to watch you smile
to know it is I
who warms you
for awhile

to feel your lips brush against me
to feel your heart beat
to know you sleep so gently
because of me
Ya, I wanna be your sheets!

In the shadows

Do you know how it feels 
to be
embraced by the shadows?
You think the fun is in the light?
but in the darkness
we are invisible

You don't want to see
what hides out in here
Takes a man without fear
to look beyond the light
and feel what hides
within the night.

In here there are no eyes to see
in here no ears to hear
steps taken so lightly
sound swallowed
by silence
not wanting to be heard

You wouldn't want to venture in
for fear it would consume you
The shadows hide behind open doors
they sneak up behind you
Don't turn 
you wouldn't find them
Shadows move ~ to find you.