Do you wanna?

What are you thinking?

Can you read my thoughts
Can you tell what I want from you?
Do you feel how much I want you?
I've undressed you with my eyes
and I like what I see.

Now baby, 

I wanna feel how you kiss.
The touch of your lips pressed against mine
Don't close your eyes
I've got to see
How badly you 
Want to be kissing me.

I wanna know how it tastes to touch your tongue to mine.
Part your lips and allow me to find.
That piece of you I want with mine.
Enter curious
Not reckless
Don't intrude
God, you feel good.

I wanna know how you touch
Where will you reach for to begin?
Will you take your time?
Will your lips leave mine?

I wanna know how you love
Can you have me wanting more?
Can you get me to the top
Begging you not to stop?

I wanna know~ 
You going to come to me?
Take me 
I wanna feel how you kiss.

Thinking of you

I’ve been thinking of you!
Thinking how blue your eyes are
How red your lips
How tender yet strong your finger tips.
The strength of your arms when I’m wrapped inside
The taste of your tongue when it meets mine.

I’ve been thinking of you~

I’ve been dreaming of touching you
Dreaming of having you touch me
Getting all excited just thinking how much fun it would be
I know where I would linger the most
Where my fingers would trace
While enjoying that look on your face.

I’ve been thinking of you~

I’ve seen where you would touch me 
I’ve guided your fingers to those places
Feeling you touch me as I ask
Feeling how strongly you react
Hearing your breathing take a turn
Feeling the spinning of the room
Having your body so close to mine
Moving in rhythm
No care for time.

I’ve been thinking of you~

Lying next to me
Tired and yet still hungry
Ready to take another spin
Wondering how to begin
Looking me up from head to toe
Watching me glisten seeing me glow

I’ve been thinking of you~

Those amazing lips
That sweet tongue
Another taste...
Couldn’t stop at just one
Out of breath but don’t want to rest
Touching you every inch
With my fingers, tongue and lips
Have to have these thoughts come true!
Lover, I’ve been thinking of you~


What does love look like?
What sounds does it make?
Is it really love
just because the heart aches?

If I disappeared
would you look for me?
If I was gone
what would you do to 
find me?

It has been said 
"If you love someone
set them free."
It's the waiting
that makes me no longer

I climbed a mountain
just to find you.
I grew wings so I could fly.
I challenged the troll, so I might cross
the bridge that lies between 
What once was
What is now lost.

I looked to the skies for answers
I stood in front of despair and
asked for hope.

It was then that I knew...

The pain struck like a bullet
Tore through broken flesh
Blood flowed like a river
Tears stopped with breath
Nothing left to imagine
Love is gone...
There's only death.