Seeing you

I know I should have asked to see inside your soul
But, in asking you~ 
You would have known.
I didn't trust the words that ran from your lips.
I didn't trust the feelings that flowed out your finger tips.
I didn't trust the smile 
You would share with all to see
I didn't trust the look in your eyes
When you were smiling at me.

So, I took a moment to see
What was hiding beneath
And, the soul I saw looking back at me
showed me everything.
The tears that flowed that day
Weren't just from me.
The soul you hide so well
Wants to be set free.

The human form you have surrounded yourself with
Isn't what your soul~
Wants the world to see.
You are better than the person you have become to be.
You are meant for greater, bigger things
But, the fear of being seen
Has made you give up your dreams.

You blindly follows others now
Hanging from their fame
Telling anyone who listens
"That could be me one day"

I wanted more for you
Though It doesn't matter now
That day I looked into your soul
And saw who you could be
Made me see
I can't be around someone
Who not only lies to me
But to the person they were born to be.

It's in the moments

It's the lessons we need to learn
It's the moments that make our stomachs churn
It's the days we wish wouldn't end.
It's the times we wish we could live over again.

It's the dreams I've been dreaming of you
It's the thoughts I've been having too
It's the smile that crosses my lips
It's the look that tells you
I want to be kissed.

It's the way you look at me
It's the times you take my hand
It's the way you make me feel, 
You understand.

It's the time after
I sit and wait
Hoping to hear, feel,
My fate.
Did you want me, need me
Have to have me too.

Or were these the silly thoughts of a grown school girl?

It's the feelings I have when I'm around you
It's the memories I have too
It's the thoughts 
of when
I meant the most to you
It's remembering
You saying.
You miss me too.

Eyes forward

I think of you
I don't think I want to
but I wonder,

I remember when we laughed
I think of how you made me cry.
I think of the times,
we sat, and let time go by.

There was something about your smile
There was something about your touch
There was something about the way
I use to miss you so much.

I no longer feel that way towards you
But, something holds on 
and has me believing I do.
Maybe it's that you didn't look back 
when you walked away?
Or might it be
I wanted you to be the one~ 
to finally see me,
and stay.

Obviously, it wasn't to be
and now, without looking,
Someone is seeing me.
I wasn't hoping
I stopped wanting
I was just being me.

The craziest things happen
when you stop
You finally see.
You are good enough ~
 to be seen.