Just let go

Why do you cry for him anymore? 

Why do you stand in front of his door? 

He will not call, he will not come. He has chosen another one. 

He has left you here alone, to fight a battle he should have owned. 

It’s not for you to fret about; it’s not for you to call him out. 

He has chosen his own path, he walked away; you cried, he laughed. 

So, here you are still wondering why, here you stand while life moves by. 

These are lessons that will come and go, the path they choose we cannot know. 

But your life is yours to own, you must learn to let him go.

I have faith in you. 

You will see it too. 

You don’t deserve the words he left you with that day. 

Turn your back, walk away. 

Today is yours. 


It's those eyes
No, the lips
Wait, it's the way he holds my hips

Yes, those hands
Awe that smile
The way we snuggle for awhile.

Yummy, his kiss
Again with the lips?
They hold his thoughts, his feelings, his smile
That smile does distract me for quite awhile.

His chest, his skin, I wanna crawl within.
Was that a bit much?
God, how I love his touch.

His arms so strong
They hold me tight
I could stay there all day and night

There are other things I could say
But, I don't want to scare you away.

Just know this...

It's his eyes, his lips and the way he holds my hips
It's his heart, his smile, the way he holds me for awhile
It's the man, I know, who has captured my heart by the way he smiles at my soul.

Again with the lips I know, but if you knew what I know...
It's that smile!! ;)