In a Kiss

I love the kiss
The deep sensual feel of someone so close
The way it makes all thoughts go
How the skin feels hot
How the heart beats
as if to explode
I love the kiss
The way the tongues dance together
The hands explore
I love the way a kiss makes everything
so much more.
Close your eyes and see
Just how amazing a kiss can be
Everything you need to know
Can be explained by the kiss
How much I've missed you
I will show you
How much I need you
You will feel
How much I love to be with you
It's all shown
With the touch of my lips and the tip of my tongue.
So many feel it's just a kiss
but when it's as emotional as this
It can move you to tears
or make you smile
It can last for a very long while
Don't ignore the power of one's lips
Don't forget the strength of a kiss
If you want to know how I feel
Plant your lips on mine
and if the walls disappear
and we float together
Believe me when I say
Don't forget to kiss
At least ten times a day!!