Letting go

If I could for a moment believe that you knew me
I would smile
If I thought for a second that you cared
I might cry

But, there are no more tears for what isn't any more
There is no room for what will never be
There are no more questions to ask
There are no more wishes
Things are now over for you and me

You don't know me
You won't reach for me and wonder why I'm not there
You don't need me there

I thought I needed you
I thought I should want you
I dreamt of something that will never be

I cried once for you
I decided once was enough
You can't see my tears from where you are
You can't share my fears
You wouldn't know how to comfort me
That would require once knowing me

Life is full of lessons
some not so easy
not all so difficult
But, to let you go
 knowing it's the way you need things to be
 sadness consumed me.

I loved you once...
I guess I always will
But, you will never see
The woman I grew to be