Enriching our lives

Let us not take for granted the smile of a small child.  
The beauty of their hearts as they walk through the world with joy, innocence, and above all their own sense of style.

We may never know when these smiles are taken from us.  
When we will no longer be able to share the view of the world through their eyes.

The little children are here to enrich our lives, and add to our future.
Let us help them to spread their wings, let us help them to fly.

Let us give them the ability to see the world for what it has to offer them. 
For as long as they are here to believe in it, to feel it, and to see it.
The world is theirs for the taking.

If we are able to give them all of this every day they are here with us.

Maybe then, the day they float off this earth and fly in the clouds with the angels.
We will know we did all we could to watch them smile.

We did all we could to enrich their lives.
We touched their hearts as much as they filled ours.

In our tears and sorrow we can feel complete.
For in our loss here on earth, we know they are soaring.

They are spreading their wings; they are dancing above us, they are playing amongst the stars.

They are smiling down on us, they are inspiring our lives, and they are touching our hearts.

Let us not take for granted the smile of a small child.
For someday, we may need the smile from a child, to carry us through the loss of our own small child.
From Poetry book:  Looking to be seen

Hope for tomorrow

Her heart waits
Her soul cries
Her tears fall
Her love has died
She sits alone
She sits in the dark
Hoping to see...loves lost spark
It's not knowing
Never seeing
no more touches
that brings this pain
"Make me hate you"
she shouts to the walls
Anything is better, than nothing at all.
She hoped this love would always be
She wanted his eyes to always see
His ears to hear
His heart to beat
Because, she was what he needed her to be
The darkness holds her within its embrace
Covers try to warm her
Pillows catch her tears
She sleeps
Tomorrow this will make sense
Tomorrow there will be...
A he to love this she
Because, she is all
 She needs herself to be.

Don't lose heart

What is it you need to see me?
What is it I have that makes you need me?
You can hide, but you will always be found.
You can run, you can walk away; you can close your eyes.
But, when you stop running
You will hear me

You will feel everything you tried to run from.
You will want what you think you can hide from
You will ask "why" when you believe no one will hear you.
But, I will.

There are days when I will walk with you in silence
Then there will be days I will make myself known.
Of course it hurts
That's how you know we are one
That's how you know you are truly alive.

There can be no joy without sadness
There can be no happiness without pain
You appreciate...
When you know the cost of losing
You hunger...
When you feel that beat within you grow faster.

We are one you and I
You feel, because I exist.
You challenge, because I am strong.
You laugh when I breathe
You cry when I burn

Somedays, I know you hate me
Most days you are glad I am here
Don't ever say you are better with out me
One day all will become clear.
I am stronger because of you
You call me...heart.

Rescue Me

It's the way you love me. You don't put me on a shelf; you don't leave me in the dark. You have me next to you, close to your heart. You turn my pages and allow me to breathe. You drink up every word I have written and you come back for more. I see you thinking about me. I see the smile on your face and the tear in your eye. We were made to be together you and me. I want to fill you with emotion and make you think. I keep no secrets, I leave nothing out. I want to share with you everything I’m all about. So, grab a seat and hold me tight these feelings might take all night. I’m a book of poetry; speaking of love, loss and the ability to believe. Open my pages and Rescue me.

Lie to me

Lie to me
Tell me you love me
Tell me it will all be OK
Tell me tomorrow will come
Tell me nothing will get in our way

Lie to me
Tell me this is real
Tell me nothing could hold us back
Tell me you couldn't still love another
Tell me I'm the only one
Tell me this is forever

I want to be seen for who I am
I want to know I am all you need
I want to give you all the love within my heart
I want to shower you with kisses and never be apart

Lie to me
Tell me you see me
Tell me I'm in your dreams
Tell me this is forever
Tell me this is all you need

I want to be free of the past
I want to live for my dreams
I want to travel the world
I want to see the beauty that love brings

I believe I now see

Don't lie to me
I would rather die, knowing the truth within your heart
Than live, with the lies from your lips, ringing in my ears
for all eternity!

Look Within

I am not who you think I am
I am not where you last saw me
I don't stay where you leave me
I move with you
But, you don't control me

I see what you are feeling
I feel what you are thinking
If you close your eyes
You too might hear what I am hearing

There is a place you hide
There is a place I hide to watch you
You don't know to look for me
You don't care to hear me
You want me when you need me
But, you don't want to want me

We float together you and I
But, only I know where you are
You want me to leave you
But, I am always with you

Until you accept me
You will always wonder where I am
I am that strength within your heart
I am that power to believe in everything
I am those moments that take your breath away
I am the you~you wish you could be

If only you could see
Those things you are afraid to see
Strength comes from letting yourself be free!


I know you see me
I see you watching me
I know you hear me
I've seen that look upon your face

You tell me sweet things
You hold my hand
You kiss my face

But, your thoughts are not with me
I can feel the distance between us
I see you smile 
But have to wonder 
was it thoughts of me
That put that smile on your lips?

Am I enough for you?
What does that mean?
If I have to explain,
Is that bad news for me?

Do you know me?
Do you wonder about me?
Will you think to ask me "what are you thinking?"
If I am all things for you
Shouldn't you know me
As well as I know you?

I see you sad
I don't like to see you this way
Makes me wonder
Should I stay?

Other names and memories dance from your walls
Faces I try not to see
Float too close to your memories.

I know you see me
I see you watching me
But, now I look behind me
and wonder who was there
Your eyes see through me
Your thoughts were not of me

That smile I've seen
Isn't for me at all
It was for the ones who are no longer here
Too many memories in the way
Too many things you forgot to say

You can't see me standing here
If your thoughts are way back there
You can't see who I am
If what you want
Floated away with the wind

Too many days now I've watched you try and see
What had become of you and she
Too many times I have wondered
Why wont you see me?

Letting go

If I could for a moment believe that you knew me
I would smile
If I thought for a second that you cared
I might cry

But, there are no more tears for what isn't any more
There is no room for what will never be
There are no more questions to ask
There are no more wishes
Things are now over for you and me

You don't know me
You won't reach for me and wonder why I'm not there
You don't need me there

I thought I needed you
I thought I should want you
I dreamt of something that will never be

I cried once for you
I decided once was enough
You can't see my tears from where you are
You can't share my fears
You wouldn't know how to comfort me
That would require once knowing me

Life is full of lessons
some not so easy
not all so difficult
But, to let you go
 knowing it's the way you need things to be
 sadness consumed me.

I loved you once...
I guess I always will
But, you will never see
The woman I grew to be

To be loved

Once there was a little girl who only wanted to be loved!
She looked in all the wrong places just for a hug.
She was told she had to give more if she wanted to be seen.
She was told she had to be more if she wanted her dream.
She gave, they took... she waited to see.
Not enough was all it ever seemed to be.
So, she gathered her things and turned away, to start a love in a different way.
She found her strength, she found her voice.
She lived a life of her own choice.
She knows if she could choose who she would choose to be.
The choice to choose would be...

It will find you

It's not what you might think
It's better than it ever thought it would be
Right when you believe it's not there
It sneaks in and takes over
Right when you think no more
It's there for you
It waits to see what you will do

It has it's own schedule
It has it's own needs
It has it's own wants
and it wants to be seen

When it's there, will you know it?
When it shines, will you show it?
When it decides to be
Will you allow it to be free?

It doesn't want just a piece of you
It doesn't want just your thoughts
It wants what it wants
And you wont be able to say "stop"

It will move your heart
It will sing to your soul
It has your lips under it's control
It will make you crave it more and more

The more you fight it
The less you'll know
If it feels right, don't let it go
If it wants you, you'll want it more
Take a chance
Open the door
Let love in
It wants you to feel more.

Rescue me

Do you know me?
I hide within the shadows
I run behind the wind
I blend in with the trees
Leaves stumble around me with ease.

Do you see me?
I pass you every day
I walk in your shoes
I glide behind you as you move
I watch you move about your day
I wonder what it's like to be you

Do you hear me?
I reach for you, but I can never get close enough
I scream for you, but my words float above you, and are carried away

I wonder why you can't hear me
I wonder why you wont see me

But, I will wait until you do

For, I am that power you are searching for
I am what you are always hoping to find, but choose to ignore.
I am what you have spent your lifetime looking for

Once you believe in you, then you will see me
Once you find you...you will hear me.
Once you know; you can do anything
You will have set me free
I am that power within you
I'm just waiting for you to believe!!

Looking To Be Seen

I am a survivor of things no one wants to talk about.  
I am a statistic of too many numbers to count.
I am a fighter.
I am a believer that all things are possible.
I have hurt deeper than I thought possible.
I have looked up at the world,
 I have stood next to the sun, and I have cried tears like rain.
I have hidden from life.
 I have asked "why" more times than I care to admit.
I have spoken my truths and fought for my beliefs. 
I have lost but in losing I have won.
I am human.
 I am imperfect
 I am as weak as I am strong.
I am no longer silent. I am no longer hiding.
I am looking for what everyone is looking for...to be seen!