Rescue me

Do you know me?
I hide within the shadows
I run behind the wind
I blend in with the trees
Leaves stumble around me with ease.

Do you see me?
I pass you every day
I walk in your shoes
I glide behind you as you move
I watch you move about your day
I wonder what it's like to be you

Do you hear me?
I reach for you, but I can never get close enough
I scream for you, but my words float above you, and are carried away

I wonder why you can't hear me
I wonder why you wont see me

But, I will wait until you do

For, I am that power you are searching for
I am what you are always hoping to find, but choose to ignore.
I am what you have spent your lifetime looking for

Once you believe in you, then you will see me
Once you find will hear me.
Once you know; you can do anything
You will have set me free
I am that power within you
I'm just waiting for you to believe!!