Fight nature?

I wrestled with the wind
After awhile 
I knew I had lost.

The ocean was of no help at all
It too only pushed me around.
Nothing left in the palm of my hand
Another fight lost

I yelled at the clouds
But they only laughed and ran away
I screamed at the sun
It fried me!

I tried to move a mountain
It wouldn't fight back
I kicked at the rocks
They stumbled away
They too didn't want to stay.

As night wrapped around me and stole my fight
I gave into its selfish plight.
"Tomorrow will be better," it said
You can't be angry any more
You no longer even know
What you are fighting for.

I allowed the breeze to take my revenge
The stars then danced for me
"Everything isn't what it seems"
I let these words settle in
As I laid my head against the stone

The wind came back to cool me
The oceans mid-night roar, soothed me
They were right
There are reasons to stay and fight
And there are reasons to let go

Which ever is decided
All I need to know
Be brave, stand tall, stay true
Nature will run its course
And Nature always wins.