Wasn't to be

It wasn't what I thought ~at all
There was no writing on the wall
It seemed to want to be held
It shone so bright
I was under its spell

The red that glowed
Seemed to fill the room
All from a flowers bloom?

But as I approached
To breathe in the sight
I noticed a dimmer light

Thorns drawn
Blood flows
Everyone had to know?
All but me
It wasn't to be
This rose was for Another

Or, was this how it's to be?
Capture me in your beauty
Fill my senses with your perfume
Ask me to reach for you
Then open up a wound?

I will go
And leave you here
If it's another you wait for.
But know~ 
I will heal
And we may meet again
But your beauty, 
for me,
Will have faded by then.