Taken too soon

Park bench built for two
How odd
I sit and wait for you.

I know you won't come
You never do
But, I'll sit and wait
and hope
today is the day you do.

Sounds silly when I say it out loud
"Just once I'd like to not see your face in a crowd."
I can envision you anywhere
I can envision you with anyone.
It's seeing you with me ~
That's the key!

I hear your laughter and I have to look
Sadly, it wasn't you.
I smell your cologne and I try to follow the scent
It leads me somewhere I've never been.

I read a sign that reminds me of you
Crazy, everything brings me to you ~
but you.

Did you have to go?
I've wished you back a million times
Then I read the note 
I've held onto so long ~

"Taken too soon but never forgotten"

That's still as far as I've gotten.

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