Walk with me

Come, take a walk with me
 side by side
Walk through the woods
Checking out blue sky

 Listen to the trees
as they bend with the wind
Watch the birds fly, land, then take off again.

I'll wait for you to feel, safe
to share
What's been locked away
Your heart.

I'll be your strength
I'll hold you up
I'll help you see
Just how strong you are~
Can be.

Let's walk 
with the sand under our feet
Let's feel free
Let fear go
No more holding on to what was
No more hiding away
No more crying for those who 
didn't stay.

Come, let's walk
side by side
let's feel ~
floating with the wind
 dancing with stars
sleeping on a cloud
Feeling warmth from the sun

Let's walk
You and I
Let's fly 
where others won't go.
Let's just be
You and me
I'll hold you up,
~if you should stumble.
Though I know you won't
You were meant to be this strong
Take off the blinders and let your soul see.

Feel like taking a walk with me?

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