Feel you wrapped within

I wouldn't want to be your coffee 
for fear I'd burn your lips
I wouldn't want to be the book you read
though you do gently stroke the pages
with your finger tips

I would want to be your sheets
if I had one wish...

I want to be the one who you take off all your clothes for
watch you crawl within me
excited, soft and exposed
feel you rolling around and take me 
within your tight grasp
feel you tangle up with me
see your smile so relaxed

I want to be the one who you tell all your friends
"I can not go out
I'm all wrapped up in"

to see you so peaceful
to watch you smile
to know it is I
who warms you
for awhile

to feel your lips brush against me
to feel your heart beat
to know you sleep so gently
because of me
Ya, I wanna be your sheets!

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