Free me

There's a wall around my heart 
its been there for awhile~
It keeps me strong!

My wall fights off the fears
My wall fends off the tears
My wall
 keeps me from wanting...

My heart beats
for no-one 
but to keep the breath
within my chest

The scars are what I have 
to show
I was once 
 a fighter

I've beaten so many monsters
I've accepted this situation
as my own
I've accepted 
how I got here.

My wall allows me to see
but no longer to feel
am I missing something?

No one stronger than I
has approached my wall
and if they ever had
they turned away too soon
they didn't fight or ask to see
what a wall so tall could be hiding

For no one has tried 
to break down my wall
to shine a light into the darkness
for if they had
they just might see...
 behind a broken heart
is the soul
of a hopeful girl

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