Try not to stare

I wonder
what would you do
If I ask to slowly undress you?

Standing there in a suit
so well dressed 
so refined...
I've already undressed you in my mind

I've imagined what that shirt
looks like on the floor
What's underneath
will I get to explore?

May I pretty please
trace the lines 
the muscles in your neck 
to the top 
of your behind?

Oh, if you please
just the thought
brings me to my knees.

Lets continue
lets move on
the pants you have
shouldn't be left on

I'll just un-button here 
un-zip down to there
let them fall
mmm, now there...

We are getting to the fun
we are almost there
silly me...
I'll try not to stare

I take that back
I promise nothing
I've brought you this far
Now give me something
I'll leave nothing to waste
lets finish the rest...

In under a second
I'll be out of this dress!

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