Seriously speaking
is there any real meaning to 
the words I love you.?

For those watching, waiting, feeling
emptiness has sprung forth from the night
yet during the light of day a flower blooms.

They say there is someone for everyone
howbeit for one to never reach their brink to
never find their hearts desire...
for what is love if more than a feeling?
a courtesy in believing?
an avoiding of the loneliness
that taunts one through the night?

When the capacity does arrive
to unleash said web of lies
would one hold well
again'st the tow of the cheater?

Ah, the bliss of unfamiliar 
pleasured stares from eye to eye
feeling nothing yet seeing something
greed in the encounter?
lust from the divide?

For some the dance is well received
others wait to be chosen
but one reveries for a muse
then concludes their heart 
will never be stolen.

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