The Fire Is Out

The fire is out
The room is cold
There are no windows
No light to see
Just what had become of you and me
I search for embers
There is only ash
No water needed
The fire is out

This room is cold
Too cold to stay
I need a way out
I have to leave ~ today
I can not stand to be here any more
The warmth that was once here
Is now no more

No place to rebuild a fire
No windows to bring in some light
It's an empty room
It's an empty life

I leave the room and close the door
It disappears
Another room ~ lost
Another fire ~ gone
Life is about moving forward
Moving on

Another door will open soon
Another fire ~ in another room
There is no looking back
No bad thoughts to have
Just lost memories
How sad

A light will shine
A fire will burn
Life will bloom
Love ~ will find a way.