Forever fleeting

I know you~
I've glimpsed you hiding behind the walls 
that surround my heart.
I've waited for you 
I've waited to see
If you are the one~ 
who will see me.

One brick at a time 
I've watched your hands
Take apart these walls.
Still, you remain within the shadows.
I've felt you watching me
but when I glance your way
You vanish with the breeze

You're here again
and still I can't touch you
You stay just outside my reach
Your presence warms me
but in turning to see you
I am blinded by the sun

I feel safe having you near
I enjoy the thoughts I have of you
I playfully whisper to you
No answer in return.
Why do you hide from me?

 Will you need me~ 
like I feel I need you?

I walk in the direction of your prints
 left in the sand

They never end
I don't understand?

I want to know you~
 Do you know me?

I thought I knew you

I looked for you today
Of course you weren't to be seen
I remembered what is what like
To hold you in my dreams.

I wanted to tell you something 
I had hope to say to you one day
Now it seems rather silly
In a wrong moment ~ different day ~ kinda way

If I had known yesterday
What I have learned today
Would tomorrow look different to me
In any sort of way?

I would like to think it might have
I would like to say "Yes"
But, these are the things I discuss
Only with myself

I thought I remembered what you smelled like.
Silly, I know.
But to remember what  the scent of you brings...
Is probably a thought I shouldn't have.

To have a moment with you
I would try to steal two
And then where would we be?
Would we begin a new?
Or start where we left off?
Too many thoughts?
Too many thoughts not thought.

If I could re-arrange
Or change what once was
I would hope to remember what now is.
So that I might undo
What had been done.
To the man I once knew.
No worries
It confuses me too

Wasn't to be

It wasn't what I thought ~at all
There was no writing on the wall
It seemed to want to be held
It shone so bright
I was under its spell

The red that glowed
Seemed to fill the room
All from a flowers bloom?

But as I approached
To breathe in the sight
I noticed a dimmer light

Thorns drawn
Blood flows
Everyone had to know?
All but me
It wasn't to be
This rose was for Another

Or, was this how it's to be?
Capture me in your beauty
Fill my senses with your perfume
Ask me to reach for you
Then open up a wound?

I will go
And leave you here
If it's another you wait for.
But know~ 
I will heal
And we may meet again
But your beauty, 
for me,
Will have faded by then.

Fight nature?

I wrestled with the wind
After awhile 
I knew I had lost.

The ocean was of no help at all
It too only pushed me around.
Nothing left in the palm of my hand
Another fight lost

I yelled at the clouds
But they only laughed and ran away
I screamed at the sun
It fried me!

I tried to move a mountain
It wouldn't fight back
I kicked at the rocks
They stumbled away
They too didn't want to stay.

As night wrapped around me and stole my fight
I gave into its selfish plight.
"Tomorrow will be better," it said
You can't be angry any more
You no longer even know
What you are fighting for.

I allowed the breeze to take my revenge
The stars then danced for me
"Everything isn't what it seems"
I let these words settle in
As I laid my head against the stone

The wind came back to cool me
The oceans mid-night roar, soothed me
They were right
There are reasons to stay and fight
And there are reasons to let go

Which ever is decided
All I need to know
Be brave, stand tall, stay true
Nature will run its course
And Nature always wins.

In a Kiss

I love the kiss
The deep sensual feel of someone so close
The way it makes all thoughts go
How the skin feels hot
How the heart beats
as if to explode
I love the kiss
The way the tongues dance together
The hands explore
I love the way a kiss makes everything
so much more.
Close your eyes and see
Just how amazing a kiss can be
Everything you need to know
Can be explained by the kiss
How much I've missed you
I will show you
How much I need you
You will feel
How much I love to be with you
It's all shown
With the touch of my lips and the tip of my tongue.
So many feel it's just a kiss
but when it's as emotional as this
It can move you to tears
or make you smile
It can last for a very long while
Don't ignore the power of one's lips
Don't forget the strength of a kiss
If you want to know how I feel
Plant your lips on mine
and if the walls disappear
and we float together
Believe me when I say
Don't forget to kiss
At least ten times a day!!