It's Just A Kiss

It's just a kiss!

Our eyes met and I knew.

I wanted to be kissing you.

You weren't sure what to think.

But you knew, I would be kissing you!

I approached, you didn't back away.

My eyes begging you to stay.

I told you once "I'm going to kiss you"

Then I step within your space.

I grabbed your hand, and wrapped it around me, for a tight embrace.

In a quick moment my lips were on yours

Soft, tender, sensual.

I hunger for more.

Our lips pressed together our tongues explore

Yes, I do want more.

I feel dizzy.

Am I breathing on my own or borrowing breath from you?

You step away and look at me

Am I the girl you wanted to see?

Only time will tell

Only the future will see

Will there be a you ~ with me?

Or is a kiss just a kiss

And that's all it will ever be?