Holding on to letting go

There's this voice inside
That tells me to run and hide.
She talks about the pain
That will be
If I fall
and allow you 
Love me.

I've blocked them all out
I've kept them all away
I've told myself
"Don't allow them to stay"
I can be alone ~
I can hold my own ~

Once I believed
 I needed
Once I wanted
But, I put that all
I held those thoughts 
at bay.

Now, if anyone
wants to be my 
There's something 
they should know ~
I don't need 
to help me feel whole.
I want someone
who can hold their own,
walk next to me,
see me,
for who I am.
And, not try to change me
Or be something 
Than the best 
that they can.

They feel it

Can you see the fun
 that is
In the moment 
when two people
It's only together they feel 
as one!

You watch them smile
You catch that look
as it passes
 between them.

They don't see you
And you don't need them to

It's in watching them
You feel it too can happen
for you.

She giggles
He laughs
Then silence
He wants to kiss her
She wants him too
He waits a minute too long
She takes the lead

Lips crash together
His eyes go wide.
She breathes in
He can't catch his…

You begin to dream
of a time
a moment
Where such passion
Embrace you
and take your
Breath away too.